Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

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Launch date: March 4, 2022 00:00




NFZeum is on track to redefine the way users utilise crypto.

So what is NFZeum and what makes NFZeum so special? Well, NFZeum is the first project to bring all the crypto necessities into one Platform.

Starting off with their very own NFT Marketplace as their first Pillar, artists will be able to list their NFTs using multiple blockchains with the NFZeum Team planning to release NFT’s as well

Furthermore, NFZeum will release what we believe is the first ever IXO Launchpad as the second pillar. The term “IXO” incorporates IDO, ICO and IEO to provide customers the flexibility to suit their project requirements in the early stages of development and capital raising.

Lastly, to bring the crypto multiverse together, NFZeum will have their very own full featured Exchange as the third pillar.

All the NFZeum platforms will utilise the NFZ token. NFZ is deflationary by design and includes exciting utilities and customer benefits such as rewards and discounts.

NFZeum will not only build the three pillars of the platform but has also built the tokenomics of the smart contract to allow giving back to those in need. 2% of every transaction utilising the NFZ token goes to support the ongoing charitable work of the NFZeum Foundation.

The NFZeum Foundation focuses on peoples mental and overall wellbeing. Our foundation will provide funding to existing charities as well as lead our own initiatives for those in need.

NFZeum is a more than a project, it's a movement.

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