Cosmosium Finance Cosmosium Finance (COSMOSIUMFINANCE)

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Address: Visit BSScan 0xa73c15620bfa79646e9a11d0d638d66588456462

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Presale: No

Launch date: February 13, 2022 00:00




Cosmosium Finance is a unique index strategy-based yield farm that offers many specific features to maximize your earnings. With our new and better farm system "Cosmic Farms" you can stake your BUZZ for one time and our oracle will search our partner's farms, automatically join best earning farm. You can earn BUZZ + our partner's token from one stake and one farm. Our other unique feature is Galaxies (index) Tokens. This way you can buy multiple tokens and merge into one. You will pay for one transaction fee for all the tokens inside index. You can join farms with your Galaxies (index) token.

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