DegenDao DegenDao (DD)

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Address: Visit BSScan 0xcomingsoon420thc

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Presale: No

Launch date: January 26, 2022 00:00




welcome to the new and innovative idea of DAO
We are all fed of projects rugging pools and Devs who decide how to use investors money, that's why we want to change the DAO world with our innovative idea.
DeganDao is gonna be the first ever community driven DAO.
What's the problem with a normal DAO? What doesn't work in Wonderland or Ohm? The fact that the token is farmed and dumped constantly and if the selling pressure is higher than the buying one the token will inevitably dump.
Is there a solution? Can really a token only grow his value?
Yes, it can. And we found out how.
Our token will start with a liquidity that will be half of the presale funds, where do the other BNBs go? They will become our DAO tresury for pools.
The community will select, every 15 days with a poll, between many options of high APY protocols crosschain, where the funds to be staken, and the profits coming from the staking will be divided into: buy and burn $DD, grow DAO's tresury and rewards for staking our $DD token, creating value in 3 different ways to our token.
The more tokens you have, more value you'll get, more decision power and more rewards you can select between main token and the farmed token. We have also studied a way to make top holders the most important decision makers in the poll.
Why you should invest in $DD?
First of all if you have a small margin to invest usually it makes nearly no difference in a DAO even if the APY is crazy, but with our project everybody in our DAO will benefit by holding and getting value from the staking of a much bigger amount of money than you would invest alone.
Secondary there will be also pools with $DD where you'll get profits in different coins or $DD, decided by the community every time
-How does it work?
Firstly the 49% of the presale liquidity will be divided in 5% for marketing and 44% as tresury, this will be the starting cap for the first opening high APY pool. After launch, from each transaction 5% will be added to the tresury. At the beginning of the first 15 days period all t

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Votes total: 9019

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