Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Address: Visit BSScan 0x97329bce201d86bbcbeebbb3b03256abdf7b7de6

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Presale: No

Launch date: December 22, 2021 00:00






Shib Ninja Token is first and foremost a $SHIB BSC reflection token, that donates a portion of its proceeds to charity! But we're SO much more than that!

Key Points:

•Founding - SNT was originally founded as safe haven on Binance Smart Chain for investors to place their money in a low marketcap token, WITHOUT the risk of a rugpull! SNT was thought of by a group of individuals that were recently rugged in a project, after our group was rugged multiple times, SHIB Ninja decided it was time to put an end to all of the untrust! After seeing the brilliance of the SHIB Reflections, we decided we would build our token based on these same principles!

•Charity - SNT makes it a major goal of ours to donate 1% of our funds received in the marketing wallet EACH MONTH to various charities, voted for by the community!! This is our way of giving back to the world that we live in!

•Deflationary - SNT uses the SHIB Reflections gained in the burn wallet to continuously buy more and more SNT off the market, reducing the circulating supply by keeping the SNT in the burn wallet, never to be bought again! Over time less and less SNT will be able to be purchased leaving the remaining amount worth MUCH more! Every Token needs a burn method, big or small!

•Marketing - SNT uses the SHIB Reflections gained in the Marketing Wallet to purchase our marketing needs! This way we never have to sell off SNT to get things done, which means YOU never have to lose for US to post ads, pay influencers, or run video campaigns!

•NFTs - At SNT we're doing NFTs differently, all RPG NFTs sold will have a function in our 2D RPG that we will be building over the next year

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