Jerk&Earn Jerk&Earn (JERK)

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

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Launch date: January 25, 2022 00:00




Blockchain technology has already integrated with lots of industries, yet there is no project for the porn sector which means there are billions of demand and no supply for those demands. In other words, it is the perfect market. That is why we want to offer people to get the benefit of rewards while they are watching porn. Basically, what we aim to do is develop a website that interacts with porn sites such as,,, etc. People will be able to earn tokens each time they watch porn(based on the duration), upload porn(based on the number of views). Furthermore, the ones who hold a certain amount of JERK will enjoy free premium membership on these sites, and the top 10 holders will earn special gifts every 2 weeks. Last but not least, there will be an online erotic shop where people will be able to buy toys with cryptocurrencies and benefit from discounts when they use JERK as a payment method.

Watch&Earn: Our system will be integrated into the porn sites, users are going to earn free tokens each time they watch porn.

Upload&Earn: The ones who upload their videos on these sites will earn a huge amount of free tokens based on the number of views.

Hold&Earn: The ones who hold a certain amount of JERK will earn free premium membership on the best porn sites such as pornhub, xvideos, and brazzers. Furthermore, top 10 holders will enjoy special gifts every 2 weeks such as signed pornhub shirts, sex toys, and more surprise gifts.

Online erotic shop: We have already started to make collaborate with erotic shops to offer their products on our website and use JERK as a payment method. Furthermore, there will be discounts for the ones who use JERK during the payment.

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