Slave Dungeon Slave Dungeon (SAO)

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Address: Visit BSScan 0xf8f0ca67e27118ad18c257440fbb489a8e0edd69

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Presale: No

Launch date: February 5, 2022 00:00





Slave Dungeon is a Play2Earn game created using the Binance Smart Chain network. Slave Dungeon game, which was created with Unreal Engine 4 game engine, was developed with Web3-ETH infrastructure. The Slave Dungeon game, which is currently only available for Windows, will be available in all mobile stores in the future. You can book your place for early access by downloading the Windows version.

As a trophy of war, Lugham Land has condemned 478 people to their dungeons to fight in their arenas. As one of these prisoners, you were sentenced to Lugham dungeons.

The only way to get out of here and be a free person is to be a good warrior and survive. Do not forget that your opponents want to survive at least as much as you and crush the opponent who comes in front of you. In addition, bets are made on your behalf in the battles you will wage. Don't embarrass the audience and Lugham Country.

Use your sword as much as you play for the cameras.

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