Resident Evil Resident Evil (RESIDENT)

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Address: Visit BSScan 0x12d21a92efee776958a1e90b14cbab756c6db6e2

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Presale: No

Launch date: February 16, 2022 00:00



Resident Evil BSC is a Resident Evil themed, deflationary, community focused & decentralized coin made with the purpose of completely nullifying bots, snipers and rekless sellers.

Its unique tokenomics and contract allow for a healthy chart with sustainable and steady growth.

Buy tax: 5%
5% Reflections

Sell Tax: 10%
4% Buyback and Marketing
1% Resident Wallet
3% LP
2% Reflections

Zombie Hours & Infected Chart
Zombie Hours happen at random times and are followed by hour 2
Infected chart happens when price is bellow whats considered the floor

Hour 1 (& below floor): 48%
20% Buyback and Marketing
6% Resident Wallet
6% LP
16% Reflections

Hour 2: 24%
10% Buyback and Marketing
3% Resident Wallet
3% LP
8% Reflections

Floor is activated when the token hits 30% down from all time high.

Max wallet and tx - 2%
A wallet address can only have a maximum of 2% price impact on sells each day (24 Hours from the last price impact)
Each individual wallet can only sell once per hour
All of those restrictions are able to be changed overtime
Ownership will not be renounced but theres a limit to maximum tax callable after launch.

Votes today: 8159

Votes total: 8159

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