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Our goal, to clean up our oceans and not only saving animals, but also human life, is massive – but we are just getting started. With all our supporters and believers, we got a chance to make our planet a bit better and the oceans a bit cleaner every single day. We believe in a mix of proven methods, modern technology and our deepest survival instinct. Through innovations and collaborations, our aim is to be one step ahead of the catastrophe, not a step behind. While cleaning-up is essential to help mother nature recover, it is even more important to defeat the issue at its roots and educate people about this man-made disaster, before it’s too late. Never forget: The ocean doesn’t need us. We need the ocean.

Worldwide problems, demands worldwide solutions.
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Exceedance of air quality standards in Europe
On October 27, 2021
Greenhouse gas emissions from energy use in buildings in Europe
On October 26, 2021
Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture in Europe
On October 26, 2021
Greenhouse gas emissions from land use, land use change and forestry
On October 26, 2021
Primary and final energy consumption in Europe
On October 26, 2021
Share of energy consumption from renewable sources in Europe
On October 26, 2021
Greenhouse gas emission intensity of fuels and biofuels for road transport in Europe
On October 26, 2021
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