Vinyl Vinyl (VINYL)

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Address: Visit BSScan 0x5a2df2e3d11dcdb645fba2008c06fdbb114e805e

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Launch date: October 13, 2021 00:00




NFT FM allows musicians to dictate artistically and financially the terms on which they engage with their audience. 90% of sale revenue goes to the artist directly giving musicians much more of a chance to see the immediate results of their hard work.

NFT FM differs from traditional NFTs because it transfers exclusive listening rights to the NFT owner. While typically NFTs consist of only an image or video file, our NFTs add full-length music on top of the media traditionally contained in NFTs. Our NFTs have been built to dynamically dispatch multiple types of media, drastically expanding the amount of experimentation that can be done in the format.

NFT FM is committed to being 100% carbon neutral. Every month the company's carbon footprint is calculated using a cutting-edge Crypto Art Footprint API. Then a donation to a carbon fund is made based on that calculation. NFT FM is also partnered with Offsetra to ensure transparency and accountability in terms of carbon neutrality. Sustainable practices are important and we hope that we can be a model going forward in this industry.

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